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Artists, Authors & Offline Promotions: Impactful and Essential

~ Dishari Ghosh

Living in a world where everything is exceedingly virtual, there's a certain charm in reading physical books, viewing artwork in galleries, listening to your favourite band or comedian perform live or watching elegant dance performances. This, thus, is the reason why doing promotional activities on the ground for art and literature can be impactful. Promotions are a sure shot way for the piece of art or literature to find exposure. With offline activities, this goes up a notch. Read on to know why.

Specified Audience

One is more likely to visit an event or pay attention to a poster in a café if they are genuinely interested in the work. This builds up a specific demographic for the promotional activities to be aimed at. Interactions with such an audience help in understanding the interests or need better, especially for the future. Moreover, strategically choosing locations for promotions can reach a specific gathering important for that particular artist, which could be missed with just online promotions.

Face-to-face Interactions

Isn't it exciting to meet someone whose work you've adored or you want to explore? For events or activities where the artists, creators or authors are themselves present, there's a buzz among their fans to have a 'meet and greet', click pictures or get a goodie personalised. The possibilities of interacting with them, sharing a laugh or engaging in an intense discussion can be appealing for many, attracting them to such events and increasing the footfall. In addition, during such events, online impressions are generated further by the pictures or videos posted by the attendees, garnering a reach previously unattainable.


Offline activities create an intimate space, providing possibilities for networking and growth. Here, not only do the artists create a lasting image but also carve new opportunities for themselves. It could also become a learning and ideating moment. There also is an off chance that the organisation themselves can find new talent or employees, generating more pieces of art and literature or working towards a better future for the existing ones.


When it comes to specific literature, there's been a great shift with the additional benefits added to books. This could include and is not limited to Pre-Order Incentives with smaller freebies like art prints, stickers, and character cards or bigger ones like candles, fridge magnets, mugs (the options are truly unlimited!) or even just customised/signed books. This initiates a better recall value for the books and their authors, both offline and online, leading more people towards them. The same can be applied to artwork as well, promoting it further.

Thus, taking part in pop-up stalls, fests, art/book launches, gallery visits, readings & signings, and exhibitions among other activities is an engaging and impactful way for artists and authors to promote themselves and their work, by garnering more attention towards their brand and being present for their audience.

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