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Bookstore Book Launches: Taking Off on the Right Foot

~Dishari Ghosh

As authors, you dedicate months to working on a single project drafting and perfecting it. Making sure, then, that it reaches the right audience too is surely

a daunting task. A range of interesting and engaging promotion strategies have opened up worldwide. It’s important to vet out these tactics and find the most suitable one for your work. Here, we explore why book launches held at bookstores can drive home your narrative.

A book launch is a significant milestone, as it is not just a promotion strategy, it also marks the successful completion of a project, adding a feather to your cap. Books and bookstores, no doubt, go hand-in-hand, and hence, when the time comes to launch a book, regardless of its genre, it becomes an ideal pick. Treat the event as a way for engagement as well as celebration, and the audience will be in attendance.

Bookstores' Demographics

You will find your most dedicated cheerleaders at a bookstore, browsing for the next book to go in their TBR pile. It's crucial to draw their attention and ensure participation in your book launch. Once word is out that an author is making an appearance, it is likely to draw readers to the event. It is up to you, the author, to make their visit worthwhile and drive up your sales. Both old customers of the store and followers of your work make for a great base to start with. However, juicing out the ‘quaint bookstore setting’ (also perfect for some Instagrammable pictures) is inherently beneficial for you to rope in newer readers.

Word of Mouth

For anyone looking to increase sales, word of mouth is a favourable strategy.

Authors are not left behind on this either. Books and authors are highly recommended in two cases: the books are 5-star reads or the authors themselves have gone all out to make a mark on the minds of the readers. The former can be entirely subjective but the latter can certainly be influenced. A book launch in a bookstore is likely to reach more accurate ears and eyes than one held elsewhere.

Readers love to accumulate everything bookish - which could include anything from a bookmark to boasting about having met their favourite author. It is important to harp on this and engage with them. Readers at such events have the freedom to engage in conversation and thus, narrate their interactions and impressions both offline and online, creating a wider pool of audience.

Bookstore Picks

Bookstores, or clubs/boxes associated with bookshops, are more likely to pick up your book if they're included in events you host. It gives them a chance to know about the book, the person and the process behind it, which in turn, creates a belief for them to stack your books. Book launches or readings hosted at a bookshop are mutually beneficial events; there stands a greater possibility for them to promote your book wholeheartedly, as much as they are likely to get promotions via you. Bookstores nowadays have handpicked selection of books going in different categories that they are exhibiting. Events held at these bookstores can help you land your book on such display shelves too - including the bestsellers, staff recommendations, hot this month, fan favourites and so on. These categories are helpful as they show personal curation, drawing in more readers & sales.

The backdrop of a bookshop, thus, is the perfect place for a book launch or reading – provided you make the most of it! The engagement that you can garner from such an event is sure to boost your image and presence, both offline and online, resulting in better sales gradually.


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