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The Great Mughals (5-In-1) narrates to its readers the lives of the prominent Mughal emperors who created the Mughal empire in India and transformed the nation.

Summary Of The Book

The Great Mughals (5-In-1) is a book that talks about the lives of the great and powerful men who ruled during an important era in Indian history, the Mughal era. The Mughals were a powerful force that changed the winds in India in early 16th century. At that time India was, in many parts, ruled by Muslim rulers. The Mughals were able to overthrow many of these Muslim rulers using their fierce firepower and mobility.

The Mughals however hadn’t driven out the local communities they ruled over. They instead introduced new practices and established a systematic rule. They created economic policies that helped expand Indian economy and commerce. It was a period of great change in India, with introduction of music, dance, architecture, and other art forms of Persian origin. And this change was propelled by the five great Mughal rulers of the time, Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan.

Babur didn’t come to India with an intention to invade and plunder like his ancestors Timur and Genghis Khan. He was a man of integrity who laid a strong foundation for the creation of a powerful mughal dynasty. The readers will be able to dive into Babur’s life before he came to India, and gain vital insights. Next, the readers will discover the life of his son Humayun, who struggled to hold on to his powers at Delhi.

The book then talks about Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan. Regarded the greatest of all Mughals, Akbar was like a father to his subjects, but couldn’t convey the same love and affection to Jahangir, his son. The fifth and the last Mughal king, Shah Jahan, lived a life that saw both the depths of suffering and the heights of joy.

For the history lover, The Great Mughals (5-In-1) is a goldmine. The accounts of each of these rulers’ lives are personal and touching.

About Anant Pai

Anant Pai was a pioneer in Indian comics and a prominent educationist.

He is the author of Chanakya, Stories of Krishna, Birbal The Wise, and Panchatantra: How the Jackal Ate the Elephant and Other Stories.

Pai was born to Goud Saraswat Brahmin parents in Karkala. He lost his parents at age 2 and was raised by his maternal grandfather until 1944, when his grandfather passed away. Pai moved to Mumbai and studied at Orient School, Mahim, and graduated from the University Department of Chemical Technology. After failing at creating a children’s magazine, Pai joined The Times of India books division as a junior executive. Years later, he left The Times of India and started the comic-book series, Amar Chitra Katha. Several years later, he started Tinkle under India’s first cartoon and comic syndicate, Rang Rekha Features. He is the recipient of the Millenium Konkani Sammelan Award, Dr. T. M. A. Pai Memorial Award, and Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation’s Award. After living a life of great accomplishment, he died of a heart attack in 2011.

5 In 1:The Great Mughals

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