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And Quiet Flows the Teesta & Other Poems is a collection of poems that are based on themes as diverse as love, politics, and science. As the title of the anthology suggests, the book seeks to highlight the plight of the river Teesta, which is culturally significant and a major river in the Sikkim-North Bengal riparian region of the Indian sub-continent. The river worshipped by the indigenous Lepcha community has been exploited for hydel power generation in the face of opposition by the peace-loving community and environmental activists who are concerned by the ecological repercussions of the development. Drawing inspiration from Lepcha community myth, the book begins with stifled love between Teesta and Rangeet rivers and celebration of nature’s beauty by the poet. The poems run through the entire spectrum of the poet’s experience affected by the events occurring around him, from the perspective of his personal love to the challenges posed by decadent politics, environmental pollution, and the Corona pandemic. In his anthology, the poet weaves a child’s curiosity with a lover’s intense passion tempered by a philosopher’s sagacity. Peppered with philosophical, satirical, romantic, and imaginative elements, the anthology presents an eclectic feast of different shades of human emotion to be relished by the readers.

And Quiet Flows the Teesta & Other Poems

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