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The legend of Saint George and the Dragon is well known. It's in books and statues and on coins. But that is not the true story. Black Swan Saga tells the true story. St George is misguided by stories of heroes killing dragons, and rescuing and marrying a princess. In the true story, the Dragon and the Princess rescue St George from a wetland. An evil lord twists this true story into the legend of St George killing the Dragon in a plague-ridden swamp. When the Princess finds out about the untrue legend, she gets the true story told. The Dragon and the Lord eventually do battle. The daughter of the Princess becomes an eco-warrior and the Dragon becomes a superhero. They help save people and cities from drowning with rising sea levels and more severe floods. Black Swan Saga is an allegory for the age of global warming/climate change.

Black Swan Saga

SKU: 9789948374350
  • Rod Giblett
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