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The book, "Door to Death" has two stories. Both stories are very interesting. One story is from Mumbai and wrongdoers are from Kanpur and the other is related to Goa. "Door to Death" is a crime story where two love birds could not knit their nest together due to discrimination and ego. One of the stories "Death is Silent" is written to show that love never sees any caste, creed, poor, rich, or language, it only knows love. Love never believes in discrimination and ego. The body was first traced in a dilapidated building and in the end, found in Vasai Creek. How the planning is done and separated one of the loved ones. The narrator of the story traced the body in the broken building. The police team went to Kanpur and collected all the evidence to nab the culprits. The second story is from Goa. On the unfortunate 8th of July, the criminal was caught by the police.

Door To Death

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