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Ayesha lost her Nani-maa to the pandemic two years ago. With summer just beginning, she�s already missing her Nani and her home in Delhi, which she used to visit this time of year. But this summer promises to be unlike any other. Ayesha�s best friend, Shreya, plans to make her smile again. She shares a story of an adorable calf named �Chatur� and invites Ayesha to spend time with him. Chatur is born to Leela, a friendly white cow, at Shreya�s Nani house in Nashik. Ayesha is captivated by Chatur�s story and can�t wait to meet him. However, she soon discovers that Chatur is not just an ordinary calf and her companion to a place among the stars where she finally reunites with her Nani-maa!

Grandma in the Stars

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