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There were seven of them. In the beautiful cities of Aurangabad and Mumbai. Then there was a broken camera, bleeding hands, and shattered friendships that would define so much of them in the years to come. Ages later, on a different trip, one of those six finds himself alone like never before. 
It�s a journey, homebound. Siddhartha is on a train that not only takes him back to where he belongs, but to the lands whose borders cannot be uncrossed anymore. As a constantly shifting narrative inside of the train teaches him to adapt to the ebb and flow of life, Siddhartha is also haunted by the memory of the other journey that ended in disastrous results. With each passing station, he finds himself as closer and as far from his destination that he has ever been. 
�Hurts That Hate You� deals with the themes of regret, redemption, and the darkness that lies beneath the human psyche. Guilt, anger, and rage, emotions that eventually give into an all-consuming hatred. Hatred for others, and hatred for one�s own self. Told via two different timelines where the past and present seems to be on a collision course for the central character, Siddhartha tries to reconcile the two to find meaning in life.

Hurts that Hate you

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