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What qualities do you need to be a successful manager, and how can you developthe qualities you already possess? Managers Who Make a Difference examines how managers'perceptions about themselves shape their behaviour at work, and studies the ways in which peoplecan translate their ambition, sense of purpose, perseverance, confidence, and resourcefulness intosuccessful management. How can you train yourself to spot competences in others and build on themto create an effective team? How do you achieve the right balance between adherence to existingsystems, and creative or experimental problem-solving? And do you have the people skills�theability to network extensively and build trust-based relationships�required to be a leader? Richlyillustrated with anecdotes and experiences of well-known managers, and with a broad array of tips andself-assessment tools to sharpen your management skills, this book is a must read for all practisingand aspiring managers.The IIM Ahmedabad Business Books bring key issues in management and business to a generalaudience. With a wealth of information and illustrations from contemporary Indian businesses, thesenon-academic and user-friendly books from the faculty of IIM Ahmedabad are essential corporatereading.

IIMA: Managers Who Make A Difference: S: Sharpening Your Management Skills

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