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Princesses dont break the rules, but they may rewrite them Every girl dreams of going to the Fine and Ancient Institute for the Royal to learn how to be a princess. But Dalia and Dominga could not be any less enchanted. They are differentthe same kind of different. Neither of them wants to be the fairest of them all. They want to join a secret society of villains at the Bewitched Academy of the Dreadful, and tonight they have another chance to prove they belong there. It's the night of the Starlight Search. It's as sickeningly sweet as it sounds. So, Dalia and Dominga scheme, and plot, and set out to stop the princesses in their tracks. Will it be enough to get them their invitations to the BAD?

Meet Me At Midnight (Bad Princesses #2)

SKU: 9789354717932
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