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A gun-toting, violin-playing headmaster A homicidal barber A hungry leopard and about a hundred frogs on the loose Boys with a talent for pranks and jokes Mr Oliver, a history teacher, arrives in Simla with a trainload of hungry boys to start a new term at the prep school. As he records the antics of the amazing characters there, and all that they get up to, we quickly realize that there is never a dull moment. A fire, a missing Headmaster and runaway students make sure that not a day goes by when Mr Oliver has nothing to report in his diary. He writes about the eccentric teachers, the girls� school next door and the lovely Anjali Ramola, whom he secretly admires.Laugh-out-loud funny, with a core of old-world charm that is trademark Bond, Mr Oliver�s Diary has stories and characters that have never appeared anywhere before. With his runaway wig, pet shrew and endearing dry wit, Mr Oliver is sure to become as well-loved as those other vintage Ruskin Bond characters, Uncle Ken and Rusty.

Mr Olivers Diary

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