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"�Of Roses, Carnations & Marital Chords� is a collection of six short stories which explores the myriad features of modern love among the urban married couples. From love falling apart despite staying under the same roof, to finding love once again, the emotional trauma of miscarriage to the struggles associated with IVF. Dealing with the loss of loved ones and still accumulating the courage to move on, a not so much in love arranged marriage to slowly brewing love after marriage. 
These stories are a celebration of love, dealing with the greater challenge of expressing love for individuals who are already known and technically your own too, or perhaps whom you happen to see every day. So, does love fly out of the window or it grows on you slowly, one step at a time.  
No matter what, true love is sure to find its way back and warm your heart, making your life beautiful and complete all over again. 

Of Roses, Carnations & Marital Chords

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