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The last hundred years have been the witness of the battles between the Jews and Palestinians and this has posed a big challenge before the world to establish peace on the region. This seed of conflict emerged around the beginning of 20th century. This book discusses various facts in regard to the origin of the conflict from the beginning of 20th century till its last decade. During this time, the world community saw many facets of the Palestinian-Jewish conflict. One major outcome was the emergence of Israel as a nation. Eventually, Palestinians experienced that they lost their original identity and hence they started their struggle to establish themselves as an independent nation. The book is attempted objectively and the facts are presented in a chronological manner which reveals the ancient historical events, further explaining the criticality of the topic. This book shall help history scholars and general readers of history who are interested in the facts of Middle Eastern history.

Palestine: From Balfour Declaration to Oslo accords

SKU: 9781528982931
  • Sachin Tiwari
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