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In a world consumed by darkness and existential despair, one man�s relentless pursuit of answers leads him to the very edges of his sanity. In �Project God: Unveiling the Void,� follow the harrowing journey of Jerry, as he willingly steps into a macabre experiment aimed at uncovering the truth behind humanity�s existence. ��Project God: Unveiling the Void� is a dark and introspective comic that challenges conventional notions of faith, purpose, and the limits of human comprehension. Delve into the depths of existentialism as the protagonist�s journey takes you on a haunting exploration of the human condition, where love and hope collide with the cold abyss of realities - and the search for answers becomes a descent into unyielding darkness.

Project GOD: Unveiling the Void

SKU: 9789358466287
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