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About the Book: Bhavana Rai finds the diary of a Pakistani officer and a manuscript written by her mother about the ’71 war. Although the manuscript is written as a fiction, she recognizes the various characters on whose experiences it is based. This is the story of that war, which brought about the birth of Bangladesh. It is the story of characters like Major Thakur, who goes through the then East Pakistan and is witness to the birth of Bangladesh; Pushpa, a socialite who runs away from home to join her star-crossed love Romesh, a fighter pilot; a mother who kills her own son when she finds him playing traitor; Raka, a smuggler by profession but a manas patriotic as any other man in India; and Surendernath, a doctor, oath-bound to save lives, who finds himself killing people instead. It is the story of the human side of war.


SKU: 9789352072460
  • This book is not refunable and returnable once sold

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