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Soul Story is the journey of a man who is falling prey to his addictions and disintegrating piece by piece into a darkness that is taking over his life. Haunted by this curse to which his father too was a victim, he fights against his demons that are consuming him. Though he is chained and imprisoned by his thirst for substances that are destroying his life, he is seeking answers, as he dreams of a life of fulfillment and happiness.He yearns to be the best version of himself but is losing to his darkness that has taken total control over him. Dreaming to free himself from the bondage he has become a victim of, he looks for a life worth living where he conquers his demons and achieves the impossible of reaching his dreams and bringing peace to his father. The journey he takes leads him on an unusual path where he discovers something in him that he was carrying all his time. Something that had all the answers for which he was searching, and the only thing that can set him free.

Soul Story

SKU: 9789948798415
  • Vinayak Mohan Cholapurath
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