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Applied psychology is a great treasure house to be tapped into. This book does just that with being unique and having practical body language or nonverbal cue applications that nourish a cautious approach towards evils, vices and perceiving beforehand the intentions in bad mentality people towards the common man.

The author has drawn numerous instances from his life wherein he applied or observed and learnt all these nonverbal cues or body language in everyday people.

These nonverbal cues come in handy and are not theoretical or just pointers to studies or surveys done. Emphasis is laid on practical applications.

Nonverbal cues in body language like a sniffle; handshake; gestures through hands and feet; movements using mouth, feet; gestures involving eyes are deciphered to show emotions of anger, fear, anxiety or guilt in quarrels and more.

These are easy-to-use applications and required to make wise decisions in any kind of scenario. Bargaining for goods or negotiating a price even in a corporate world is possible with this knowledge. Also, haggling smartly for a price worth the bargain on a street or flea market is possible. Good from negotiation table to even the street.

The applications are suitable for candidate profiling in a recruitment scenario too. They are diverse and myriad. In all, this book is a typical ready reckoner.

The Body Language Trial

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