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We call little children angels because they are innocent and have blind trust in parents and teachers. Shelly had only 10 children in the class. All of them are between two to three and a half years old. Some are five and half years old. In the class Shelly made all alphabets ending with L as “L” is difficult for the children to pronounce.

Shelly sometimes told them stories which had some educational values. One day she told them a story on  “Animal Kingdom”.

The story of Tashi, a two-year-old girl and Tashi’s father, Rishi, had many animals on the farm. There were goats, cows, ducks, chickens, and two dogs. The names of the two dogs were Tony and Tommy. Tashi called them “Ny’ and ‘Mi. Tashi’s mother told her how to take care of Teeth and what foods are good for teeth.

The Little Angels

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