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I am a manifester. What’s your superpower? This is my real-life journey of transcendence. My story of grief interwoven with manifestations. It is a story of pain to power. My super-power is my thoughts. What is your superpower? Our loved ones when they leave planet earth to divine world , we cannot see them and miss them terribly.

They are still connected to us through our biological WiFi, through our thoughts on our own ‘Thoughts-App’. Our Indian sages and seers connected with the universe with their inner powers be it manifestation, telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance and so on. How many of us have experienced this that we think about a dear one or a friend and we get a phone call. It is all about surrendering and taking action. Tune in to God frequency, get aligned and watch the play of synchronicities. When God or cosmic power created the universe, your and my name was there in the list too! We all matter in this universe. We are here for a purpose. I have found mine. Have you found yours yet?

The Manifestation Formula

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