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Advaita and his fellow scientists Yogamaya Farah Anjan and Virat embark on an expedition to places in Gujarat related to the last days of Lord Krishna. They are on a mission to develop an indigenous weapon exhibiting highest precision driven by automation and artificial intelligence capable to deter any form of armament and causing no collateral damage. Millennia earlier Jara diligently executes the tasks which are instructed by Lord Krishna before leaving for His heavenly abode. Indradyumna reaches Puri in search of a mystical blue stone builds a grand temple and dedicates this to Lord Jagannatha. Arjuna arrives at Dwarka and receives a box from Basudeva. Later the five Pandava brothers along with Draupadi begin their great ascension and reach Siddhashrama. Viswakarma preserves the box carried by Arjuna in hope that the deserving One will use this in future for the benefit and betterment of mankind. The team scientifically evaluate the shape and structure power source airborne capability generative Al and robotic control mechanisms. Simulation run on a prototype integrated with these specifications demonstrates mesmerizing results. On their way back they are attacked by a group of miscreants. They lose their documents and laptops in a brief encounter that ensues. Can they succeed in this covert mission? Toggling between space and time The Missing ASTRA of Krishna amalgamates vivid trails of ancient events and excursions starting from 3102 BC to the present day scientific research and explorations.

The missing astra of Krishna

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