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This book contains poems which I wrote when I was taken over by the gloomy paws of depression and knew not the escape route. These poems are straight out of my heart because this is what I felt after suffering through bullying, continuous abuse in the hands of society just for being conventionally manly enough. Loneliness engulfed me and I decided to take my life not once but twice and then dawned upon me the beauty of life. I understood how beautiful, how smart and how confident I am. This personal plethora of personal feelings gave birth to this collection. Here poems talk about breaking gender stereotypes, experiencing death, experiencing sleepless nights for years and its pain. The aim is to put forward my struggle to the world and help those out there those who are struggling in this cruel world. Salute to their zeal to fight. I know your pain, but you have been here so long. just hang in all will be fine. Hope this book finds right audience and I am able to help the people who need it.

The Sluggish Fire

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