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This bubbly collection of short stories and essays is a coming-of-age saga on the one hand and a profoundly nostalgic narrative on the other, depending on the age of the reader. The essays follow a curious little girl through her growing years. Reader gets introduced to her worlds of fantasy, and experiences how they affect her sensibilities, comfort her, and create lasting impressions. The short stories are each an adventure of a kind that every child longs for, or every adult reminisces about. All of them feature girl protagonists, who gently sweep the reader off their feet and take them along in their unexpected journeys. This humorous, insightful, nuanced, inclusive and one-of-a-kind anthology is truly memorable. Devlina is a software engineer, born and raised in Kolkata and now residing in Hyderabad. She has a bachelor�s degree in Information Technology from the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur and has worked at reputed firms such as Microsoft, ServiceNow and others. Devlina has had a deep connection with her creative side right from her school days. Reading, writing, painting, and cooking are just a few passions that keep her engaged when she isn�t solving complex software problems. This is her first attempt at writing a book.

Timeless Tales Of Kindred Souls

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