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This book 'Urvi' (or Mother Earth) is a compilation of poems written by Rajeev Kumar Dubey. These poems are profoundly connected with Indian values and ethos. This anthology displays an extraordinary and a rare blend of spiritual elevation, global accord, universal brotherhood, world peace, singular dedication to the nation, inspiration for the revival of Indian culture, women empowerment and the love for nature. It is capable to leave an indelible imprint on the hearts of the readers with utmost ease. Through these poems, the poet has voiced his strong commitment to the expression of truth and has uncovered the anguish of the prevailing history and the present era. He sincerely attempts to make society reflect on the exploitation of human beings, poverty, famine, malnutrition, foeticide, female oppression, political devaluation, environmental pollution, and degradation of religion, ethics and spirituality. With the liberal use of vivid and vibrant imagery, these poems are fully capable of awakening the conscience of human beings. The compositions of this anthology impart an impartial knowledge of science, religion, history and reality, and entertain the readers completely. It also inspires them to move forward on the righteous path by making them aware of themselves.


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