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Your Mind at Siege is a bold and insightful book that challenges us to break free from blind faith and reassert our cognitive independence. It shines a spotlight on our learned obedience to gurus, elite intelligentsia, and sacred texts, predisposing us to kneel before the emerging power of Artificial Intelligence. Delving into the heart of consciousness, the book scrutinizes our growing submission to AI, exposing the lurking danger: not the AI itself, but our uncritical surrender to it as a silicon deity, jeopardizing our very humanity.Through a daring critique of The Diamond Sutra, the book highlights how language�s inherent limitations can inadvertently confine our understanding of consciousness. Drawing on cutting-edge studies from environmental biology, neuroscience, and cognitive sciences, the author emphasizes the intimate link between consciousness and our physical senses, challenging the notion of consciousness as a detached entity.

Your Mind at Siege

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